Three Thing Game “Things” Picked

[Warning: this is a graphics heavy post. But worth it]

Thing Envelopes

These are the things, who knows what magic they hold.

Three Thing Game October 2011 started today. We have 25 teams and 75 things to give out.  So let’s get on with it.

Ergo Studios 

Ergo Studios: Scott Smith, John Firmin and William Mason
”Giant Sniper of Doom”

Tactical Nuclear Penguins 

Tactical Nuclear Penguins: Josh Crowther, Alex Beamer and Dan Burns
”Funky Robot goes underground” 

I chose this weekend over Battlefield 3

I chose this weekend over Battlefield 3: Lindsay Cox, Devon Hansen, David Hart and Michael Bumby
”Gun toting volcano in space”

Double As

Double A's: Anthony Quinn and Aaron Ridge
”Extreme hamster in the graveyard”

Bottled Games

Bottled Games: Steve Muir, Leigh Boynton, Simon Johnston and Marc Cutsforth
”Fairground mouse jungle quest”


ALE: Ermin Huremovic, Luke Young, Anthony Church and Adrian Smith
”Jelly werewolf ghost story”

Drop Table Team

Drop Table Team;: 'Tom Forbes, Joe Smith, Ben Coveney and Mat Bajer
”Skateboarding Chicken Hospital”

Team Thunderhead

Team Thunderhead: Toby Russell, Rob Bedding, Jonathon Rich and Tom Proctor
”Skeleton Fridge at School”

The Honey Badgers

The Honey Badgers: Keelan Jenkinson, Jacob North, Scott Sanderson and Bektas Ozer
”Alien Dog with a Banjo”

Smoking Hash Tables

Smoking Hashtables: Sam Cutler, Dan Endersby, Louis Deane and Alex Mann
”Bearded Frankenstein Fighter”

Aeonian Arts

Aeonian Arts: Arron Martin, Willliam Grey, Sam Healand and Caine Martin
”Faster than Light  Zombie Desktop”

The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen: Nick Case, Alex Hatton, James Czerwitt-Hampshire and Mark Dyer
”Heatseeking Vampire of Stealth”

Fez Productions

Fez Productions: Heather MacDougal, Thomas McPherson, Matthew Narey and  Miles McGann
”Reality TV Star Pies Crypt”

Rage Against the Turing Machine

Rage Against the Turing Machine: James Taylor, Joe Wilson, Dominic Rihaldi and Josh Twigg
”Spandex Banker Overkill”

The Unlikely Alliance

The Unlikely Alliance: Scott Neil, Daniel Karkin, Waseem Akhtar and Alex Pringle
”Summoner Bomb Speedboat”

The Infamous Two Sirs

The Infamous Two Sirs: Christophe Lionet and Robert Marshall
”Tomb Ninja Travelodge”


Troll: Robert Campbell, Tim Chadwick, Lawrence Worrell and Samantha Henstock
”Bungalow Dragon of Death”

Whats That Coming Over the Hill

What's That Coming Over the Hill: Joshua Moon, Andrew Flatters, Abdul Muzammil and Emily Bradshaw
”Cheese Penguin Apocalypse”


Vapour: Johannes Van Rig, Ben Outram, Steven Bul and lTom Kingston
”Magic Mum Comic”


4Play: Alex Chard, Sam Harrison, Shuef Khan and Niall Hammond-Blackburn
”Disco Killer Doodle”

Ad-Hoc Productions

Ad-Hoc Productions: William Dann, David Armstrong, Nathan Hickling and Katherine Fielding
”Orchestral Assassin  Butcher”

Team Awesome

Team Awesome: Stephen Foster, Sean Mackan, Callum Elshout and Danny Alan
”Frankfurter  Badger  Canal


Scribble: Alex Tanser, Luke Harrington, Steve Davis and Ben Allison
”Curry Dinosaur City”


Nerd-Tacular: Grant Lodge, Codie Collinge, James Croft and Tim Roth
”Long haired mummy on safari”


Jaybodanto: Jamie Crossman, Robert Bailey, Thomas Smith and Daniel Moorhouse
”Galactic Vegetable Dragon”