Three Thing Game is a game development competition being run for students by the University of Hull. It is being managed by Jon Purdy and Rob Miles of the Department of Computer Science in conjunction with Platform Expo. It will run for the week starting 21st March with an initial meeting to pick the “things” and set up the teams on Monday the 21st of March at the University of Hull.  The final will be on Sunday 27th March at the Platform Expo event. The games will be written using XNA for Windows PC, Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7. Microsoft are sponsoring the event and providing Windows Phone 7 devices as prizes. Every member of the winning team will recieve a brand new Windows Phone 7 device.

If you want to find out what happened last time we did this kind of thing you can take a look here.

Students will work for the week preparing their resources and utilities and then spend 24 hours in the department on the weekend of Platform Expo completing their program and preparing a demonstration video. These will be presented at the expo on Sunday and assessed by our star judges. The winning team will get some Windows Phones to play with. All the teams will get loads of kudos and an amazing experience.

You will need to form teams and sign up for the event, with up to 10 teams taking part. The teams will be made up of 4 developers and a graphic designer for each team. The teams and designers will be introduced at the start of the competition, where each team is also given the three things to base their game around. You can find a sign up sheet in the assets part of the site. Fill it in and return it to Rob Miles in the Computer Science Department.

Each team will pick three “things” from the “thing pots” that we will have available at the launch presentation. If you have ideas for things to put in the pots, please adds them as comments to this post. They can be anything you like, including chicken, nuclear bunker and cheese..

If you have any questions about the event you can send them to questions@threethinggame.com