Welcome to the Hull Pixelbot Microsite. You can find all the designs and code for the robot on GitHub. The main site for Hull Pixelbot is now here, but If you want to see what a Hull Pixelbot can do, take a look:.

These are our elite "Red Nose Robots" being drilled for the Rob Miles Lecture in Rhyme all about Pixelbots.

This is the robots being used to display pixels. If an event is open, you can take control of a Hull Pixelbot here.

c4di Meetups

We meet up at c4di every couple of weeks to work on our robots and talk hardware. You can find out about the latest meeting here

Hull Pixelbot Fan Art

I've been playing around making some "fan art" for the Hull Pixelbot. Here's my first attempt. You can click through the image above for a high quality version you can print out and stick on your wall. 

Hull Pixelbot Briefing Document

If you aren't completely sure what Hull pixelbot is all about you can find a little document here.

Hull Pixelbot Newsletter

Hull Pixelbot on Thingiverse

The HullPixelBot design files are also on Thingeverse. The design now includes provision for pixel holders for the top and rear of the robot and a holder for a distance sensor and three light detectors. I'll be updating the construction details and software samples for these new additions. 

I'm also working on a set of drivers for motors and sensors which are coming along nicely. They'll be posted here soon. They will allow you to make the robot move in curves and also give precise control of robot positioning. 

These are the original Hull Pixelbot prototypes. Perhaps they'll end up in a museum one day.

Getting Started

  • You can find the 3D designs for the bot here.
  • You can find assembly instructions here.
  • You can find a program to get your robot moving here.

These are the multi-coloured prototype parts.