Museum, Palace and Lunch

(This is a very graphics heavy post. And there are literally hundreds more pictures on Flicker if you want to see them)

Today was culture day. So early in the morning we headed off to the Seoul Museum of History in a bus with very funky ceiling

IC 2007 Wed 018 

Rather sadly it was raining heavily, but fortunately we had each been provided with an umbrella. When we got to the museum they had set up a super little machine which provides you with a little bag to put your wet umbrella in, which was very cute.

IC 2007 Wed 005 
Students in search of culture (shurely shome mishtake?)

The museum was great, although we didn't really have time to do it justice. In Europe we like to lord it over our American cousins, because we have stuff which is hundreds, nay thousands of years older than most of the history that they've got. Well, the Koreans have got us beat hands down. On the evidence of the museum they were building rich and complex civilizations whilst us brits were living in caves and running around painted blue.   

Next stop was Gyeong Bok Gung. This is a royal palace of the Jaseon Dynasty (it says here). All I know is that it was fantastic, and I got some lovely pictures.

Mist on the mountains

The team with their new best friend


Perhaps my favourite picture so far

I don't know what they are, but they look nice

After the palace we moved on to Bibimbob Olympic Stadium for lunch.

Big place....

The food was prepared in an enormous wok, big enough for the chef to actually get into.

I cooking with a step ladder...

Then some of the competitors were invited to have a stir with the biggest wooden spoons I've ever seen.

Stirring stuff


While we waited for the food too cook the Egyptian team managed amazing feats of balance...

Big Wok Lunch

Now, anyone who knows me well will have encountered my massive conservatism where food is concerned. I'm just not adventurous when it comes to eating habits. Steak and chips is about as exotic as I get most of the time. Having said that, I did my best and Matt Steeples from our team managed to excel himself by just about clearing his plate. Then it was on to the boat trip.