The Squarewear Arduino


I'm getting quite keen on the Arduino devices. While they are nowhere near as powerful or easy to program as my beloved .NET Microframework platform  they do come in a huge range of prices and configurations. 

The Squareware 2.0 device you can see here is no exception. It is really designed for use as a wearable device. It has nice big holes that can be soldered into press-studs or connected to conductive cloth. It also has an on-board rechargable battery and recharging circuitry for an off-board one too. There are temperature and light sensors along with a buzzer and I reckon it is a pretty complete package.   It also has a pair of quite beefy drivers so it can switch more current into devices like larger lights or motors. 

You can pick it up from Tindie for 23 dollars, which I think is a reasonable price. Postage is reasonable too, and mine got here in only a week or so from the 'states. 

I've not done anything with mine yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something...