In with a Bang in 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

Hull is UK City of Culture 2017. Yay!

To celebrate this we had an amazing firework display tonight. Around 25,000 people came along to see, including us. It was very cold, but we were lucky enough to find a space in the only pub in the neighbourhood and have a quiet drink until the display started.


It was awesome. Two barges loaded with fireworks had been parked in the river over 15 minutes or so they set them all off.

You can get a flavour of the event from this video, which is better than any pictures that I could take and includes some lovely shots taken from the air.

I was a bit worried about the size of the crowds and getting home, but after a brisk walk across town we were soon on our way back. It was a wonderful evening and a real credit to the wonderful city where I live.