About Three Thing Game

Class of Three Thing Game October 2012

Three Thing Game is a student development competition that we run in the department. It originated with an exercise in 2010 called Destruction Golf in which a number of student teams had a week to create a game. We ended the week with a 24 hour development session where the games were finished and a winner judged. The event was the basis of a really good article in 360 magazine. You can find out more here.

We give each team of students three “things” around which they can base a game. The things are suggested on the web site in the weeks leading up to the event. We have students from all years taking part, in the October 2011 event we have around half the teams from the first year. The competition is as much about project management and planning as it is about game design, coding and assets. An approach based on getting something working and then iteratively adding features has been found to be much more successful than those based around a “grand plan” with lots of “great ideas”.

You can keep coming back to this site to find out more about the competition, and how the teams are doing.