Competition Starts

The Three Thing Game started today, with each team getting its three things. This is the bottom of a “Thing Pot”.


Here are the teams, with their names and their “Things” (Note that the names are not actually in the order of the members and not all the members are in all the pictures. But hey, they are in colour)

Two and a Half Life

Two and a Half Life:   Codie Collinge,   James Croft,   Grant Lodge,   Tim Roth, Katherine Fielding

Things: Underwater Sea-Badger of Doom  


Troll:   Timothy J Chadwick,   Robert Campbell,   Oliver Moore,   Lawrence Worrell

Things: Werewolf Demons Racing

To Be Confirmed

To Be Confirmed:   Christophe Lionet,   Rob Marshal,   Kristian Fenn

Things: Warrior Koalas on Mars

So Fear

So Fear:   Roger Pujol-Serra,   Nuno R Pombares Leiria,   Mehul Shukla, Mario Lopez Mompean

  Things: Kitchen Dragon Duel

Pixel Bomb

Pixel Bomb:   Benjamin Stephenson,   Andrew Roscoe,   James Wright,  Joel Parky, Alistair Robinson

Things: Gambling Screwdriver on the run

Left 4 Dev

Left 4 Dev:   Peter Brooksbank,   Craig Holland,   John Dixon,   Matthew Taylor

Things: Sheep Bee Romance

Fresh Pot

Fresh Pot:   Cameron Wilby,   Jack Thorpe,   Jake Stirling,   Jonathon Niland

Things: Bedroom Steam Explosion

Fez Productions

Fez Productions:   Shane Morley,   Miles McGowan,   Thomas McPherson,   Heather MacDougal

Things: Alien Pot Noodle Vengance

E for Idiots

E for Idiots:   Allen Anderson,   Michael Clayton,   Alex Bell,   Joe Axon

Things: Cookie Detective Gardening


CMYK:   Karen Fielding,   Nathan Hickling,   Willian Dann,   David Armstrong,   Willian Hunter

Things: Singing Cogs Fencing

Brayshaws Bandits

Brayshaws Bandits:   Sam Cutler,   Joe Appleyard,   Louis Deane,   Dan Endersley

Things: Medieval Robot Killer

Bottled Games

Bottled Games:   Stephen Muir,   Marc Cutsforth,   Simon Johnson,   Leigh Boynton,   Richard Sharp

Things: Vampire Electric TV Show


Blank:   Rory Spencer,   Joe Stead,   Jack Middleton,   Michael Dean

Things: Spanish Kumquat Bike Ride

Bi Winning

Bi-Winning:   Denis Craig,   James Taylor,   Josh Twigg,   Joe Wilson

Things: Ninja Chickens Painting

Awesome Source

Awesome Source:   Josh Crowther,   Alex Beamer,   Matthew Narey,   George Harnwell

Things: School Cheese Escape


Special Guest team from Hull School of Art and Design – great to see you folks.

gotoAndGame: Matthew Hardiman, Stephen Conlan, Paul Starkey, Arron Foxley, Claire Anthony

Things: Zombie Vegetable on Holiday