Scary MOT

Some things in the UK are deeply scary experiences. Perhaps I tend to get more scared than I should, but I must admit that the Ministry Of Transport (or MOT) test has always harboured many demons for me. This is probably because in my younger days I used to own a Mini. The Mini car was noted mainly for two things, the small and neat design and the fact that it could turn into iron oxide at an amazing speed. I noticed that the metal "Angel of the North" statue was shipped "pre-rusted".

So was my Mini. Every year I'd trundle the darned thing down to the garage for its statutary roadworthiness appraisal and find that something else had rusted away/dropped off. This was usually the start of a hugely expensive (for a poor student) and unpleasant bout of tinkering with the fabric of the car to get it into passing form. Eventually of course there was no metal left to weld replacement metal to and I had to endure six months of carlessness. Most unpleasant.

Anyhoo, today we took the "Olde Fiesta" to the MOT place. This is especially traumatic because we are then hoping to sell the little car (we seem to have one car too many). The good news is that they make Fiesta's out of more (or at least some) metal and, pending the replacement of a suspension component which did not break the bank, we are on for the sale. Yay.