Coming on Stong

I was wondering if I've not been a bit harsh on "Strictly Come Dancing". After all, the actual effort involved in doing it properly is quite high, unlike things like Rap Music, and so perhaps I should be more charitable.

I think my aversion goes back to awfull "Dance Lessons" at school when conditions were too horrid to go outside and play rugby in the mud and so we got paired off with members of the opposite sex who were approximately the same height and taught how to foxtrot by the female gymn teacher who always wanted to lead. As there was nobody even approximately my height they used to find the smallest girl in the place (so that the averages made sense I guess) and then play wobbly records at us while we crashed around the gymn bouncing off the walls and hacking each others shins. Lovely.

So, kudos I guess to the ones that can actually do it properly.