Christmas Lottery

Been up in the loft playing "chirstmas lottery". This is a game where one year you hide a set of decorations in the loft. Then the next year you go up and either find them and use them for that year, or find nothing and buy a new set. Then put them in the loft for next year and repeat. I think we have three complete sets of decorations up there. Including trees.

The set we found this year had tree lights that didn't work. When I was a kid, and people were more easily impressed by things like the electricity, I seem to remember that we had a set with 20 bulbs in it. The next year there were eighteen, then fifteen, then the whole lot blew up and I left home....

Nowadays nobody has just 20 lights. Nobody. I went out and bought a replacement set for our failed onces. I thought 40 would be a good enough number but this just looked paltry. Fortunately they were seilling the lights half price and so I was able to get some extra ones without breaking the bank.