Suit You Sir

Did something today I've not done for years. I got myself measured up for a suit. I've kind of decided that I need to smarten up my act. I don't think that the chap doing the measuring was that pleased to see me, what with me being the size that I am, but he was very professional about it. I was happy to find that my waist has not increased much over the years, althouhg I think they train them at tailoring school to agree with the dimensions that the customer says that they have, and then write down the real values later.

Anyhoo, I had forgotten just how complicated suits are, what with decisions on numbers of pleats, tapered waists, inside pockets, button counts and the like. With a bit if luck I will have something smart and hard wearing which treads the fine line between undertaker, wedding guest and waiter. If you are all very good, and promise not to laugh, I'll post a picture when I get the garment.