Food as Opera

We all stood in the kitchen looking at the little tray of sausages which were the meal for the evening. By Friday nobody has much energy left for making culinary delights. So, out came the takeaway menus. We got a new menu through the door last week and, for the first time ever, ordered a meal for home delivery. Sure enough, at the appointed time a chap turned up with the food. It was excellent.

This time we thought we'd asuage some of the guilt incurred by not cooking by walking to the place and picking up the food. Also, we wanted to find out what it was like. The takeaway is called La Scala (70 King St. Cottingham, 01482 840073). It turns out not to be a place where fat ladies sing. More a place where slim ladies cook. It looks more like a nightclub than a takeaway. All was hustle and bustle and smart young things putting orders into bags.

We picked up the food and trundled home. Again, it was very nice. If you are after good takeaway food in Cott. (athough I must admit it costs a little bit more than our usual place) with a very wide range of dishes, you could do a lot worse than check them out.