The Smell of the X Factor

I'm trapped in a house with two people who like "Casualty" and "X-Factor". This makes Saturdays a particularly unpleasant day of the week since both of these stupid programs are on. I don't want to think about Casualty just now as a person only has so much contempt in them on a daily basis, so instead let us consider X-Factor.

In case you haven't seen this, it consists of a seedy bunch of impresario touting different types of performing seal (sorry musical act) in front of each other, being rude about the acts and saying things like "I'm sorry Kelly, (or whatever name) I know you are 19 had have your whole life ahead of you but it turns out that you can't sing (or dance or whatever) and that therefore you have no future". One of the touts is the lady who had the sense and good taste to marry Ozzie Osborne. Nuff said. (actually I quite like the Osbornes, but that gets in the way of the rant a bit I suppose).

Anyhoo, rest of family is transfixed by this unpleasant tosh and so I have to go upstairs and watch quality entertainment on DVD. Thank heavens for The Simpsons.