Collecting My Thoughts

Back at work, home from Collectormania. I'm not sure I should confess to attending such things. But I like them and it's my blog. So there. In an effort to change the style slightly the organisers made us queue outside for two and a half hours in the freezing cold. Even my natural bonhomie is severely tested under such circumstances.

Then we got inside and were allowed to queue some more. And all for a scrawl on a picture which costs so much that I'm too embarrased to reveal the amount. I keep wondering how the stars feel; having to meet up with nerds like me and sign pictures of themselves in their prime. I suppose the money helps though. I'm quite pleased that I never really had a prime like that.

The highlight was definitely Carrie Fisher, although she didn't say that much to me. I don't think me explaining how to spell "Rob" really helped a great deal.