Don't Give Up Without a Fight

People, I'm not going to be beaten by someone just because they are funnier and more witty than me. It is not like me to give up without a fight. I'm more likely to not bother in the first place, or perhaps be somewhere else at the time. So here we go.

I rang someone up on my mobile phone but I didn't hear anything. I think I may have it set to "silent". The person I called was shouting "You've got it set to silent you idiot". On the other hand I suppose I could have just asked them to pass the salt. Then it dawned on me that I don't particulary like salt anyway. It reminds me of the sea. I had a bad experience there one day when I forgot the boat. Do you know that sharks have to keep swimming, otherwise they drown? I wonder how they know? After all, no sharks are going to come back and tell them. Perhaps there is a shark school somewhere. Or is that Wales. Only been once. I thought I'd find out what "the size of Wales" really means. Apparently it depends on the scale of the map that you use. On mine it was the size of a beermat, or a compact disk cut to the size of a beermat. I tried this and ruined my copy of "Brothers in Arms". The follow up "Sisters in Legs" didn't do anything like as well. But that's the music business. And you know, I feel a lot better now.