Club of Science

Another Science Club talk today. I'd have thought that by now they would have got bored with me, but they keep asking me back. The talk I give is different each time, but mainly becuase it is based around the latest gadget that I happen to have brought with me.

This time, of course, I took Digby, my robot dog. This time he did a good turn. Instead of firing him up and demanding that he entertain us, instead I just turned him loose. Apart from a couple of attempts to fling himself off the table top, he behaved rather well. I ran a program that lets you see inside his head (and even what he is looking at) which looked quite good on the big screen. Then we tried the 20Q thing, which managed to guess "octopus" at a second attempt - which was quite impressive. All in all, a good time was had by all. I'm also available for Bar Mitzvahs and parties.