Pub Full of People

Went out the the pub last night. Not that pub, the other one. Our regular was full of folks watching a football match on the big screen. You know you are in trouble when you walk into a place and your glasses steam up instantly (especially if you are not wearing glasses). I have never seen the pub that busy. Whenever you go into something like that you first have to check that your jumper doesn't match any of the teams playing(fortunately it didn't). And cheering when the wrong team scores (or not cheering when the right one does) has been known to decrease the quality (and perhaps the length) of your life so I'm told. Although actually they seemed a friendly enough bunch (some of them might even have been in one or two of my lectures at some point).

Anyhoo, in order to get the peace and quiet we wanted, as well as a place to sit, we relocated the "Preston Foster" meeting to another, less boisterous hostelery just across the road. Fortunately where we live you are never more than a stones throw from at least two pubs, not that I spend my evening throwing stones at pubs. The conversation was as wide ranging as usual, but Ian made the mistake of admitting that he had stopped reading my blog. For shame. I want him to start blogging now, so that I can not read his.