Please Don't Fire Me

People are getting fired for writing blogs which are critical of their employers. I can't see this being part of a life plan really;
  1. Find a job you don't like.
  2. Moan about it in a recognisable (and un-funny) way in front of a potential audience of millions.
  3. Get fired.
  4. Be found on street corners drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag and moaning to passers by that you'd like to let them in on how horrible your life was if only you still had an internet connection.

When I count my blessings (which I do surprisingly frequently) I always count the fact that I enjoy the job I have. I feel incredibly lucky in this respect. Of course it could be better, and of course I really should be a millionaire by now. But I'm not. And I'm still mostly happy. (but still up for that rise of course....)