Day Of Horror

Just had a horrible day. Don't ask. But since you did, I'll tell you all about it. All my careful arrangements fell apart. My email broke. Found I'd bought the wrong thing. Bought the right thing and it wouldn't work. You reach a point where you are left with an intrigued, detached air as you observe the upcoming situation and wonder how fate is going make this one go pear shaped.

(I wonder why being pear shaped is a bad thing? Are pears evil? - mental note to look into this)

Anyhoo, got home to find that the Tesco home delivery had replaced all the Raspberry Yoghurts (yum) with Black Cherry (arrgh). Why is it always that swap? And why today? And at the moment there is an hour long EastEnders special being inflicted on us (which is why I'm cowering upstairs).

I think I'll go to bed. It is probably safest that way. Oh, and does anyone want any Black Cherry yoghurts?