The Little Brown Ikea Pencil of Doom: Part 4

Lars Swedishname was obviously a man with a mission. The inspector half listened to his tale of gypsy curse, abandoned pet cemetery, lost Indian tribe and Stockholm office supplies company. This was all very well, but how did it explain the four mysterious deaths in MadeupTown? Constable Wilkins on the other hand seemed to find the story fascinating. Standing behind Lars he had his notebook out and was making copious notes. His little brown pencil (was that regulation issue? the inspector wondered) was flying over the paper as he seemed to be writing everything down.

"Well sir" said the inspector, rising to his feet. "Thank-you for your information, you can be sure that we will act appropriately"

"No." the little man seemed even more agitated. "You don't understand. You've got to do something now, before there are any more deaths".

"That's OK sir, we'll do our best" the inspector continued. "Where can we find you if we need any further help?"

"The Regal Hotel" Lars replied. "It is the only one in town with no Swedish furniture".

"Well, thank you for your help sir". The inspector walked round the desk to shake hands with the visitor. As he passed Constable Wilkins the inspector caught a glimpse of what the officer had been writing in his notebook. 'Kill Lars, kill Lars, kill Lars. Kill Lars. And then go and buy a Babord shoe rack (15.95)'
(to be continued)