Bang I'm Dead

Went to Laserquest today. Me and a buch of finely honed killing machines with hair triggered reflexes and eyes in the back of their heads. It is a neat setup. You get a gun and a backpack and stalk around a maze of ramps and hiding places in the half darkness trying to shoot people with a bright red LED gun. Because they put a bit of smoke in the air you can see the rays from your gun in a most satisfactory manner. If you get hit a counter goes up by one and your gun stops working for five seconds. I got that a lot. I think I make a very good target. At least that is what everyone else said.

The first half was individual. I was nearly last. The second half was team. My team did not win. Probably because of my sitting duck antics. Never mind. It was great fun. You get a printout of who shot who right at the end. They were all going "I shot Rob 8 times". "That's nothing, I got him at least ten". Ho hum. But it was fun.