By the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin

Some time back (22nd November 2004 actually - isn't the Blogger search wonderful) my razor refused not to raze. I couldn't turn it off. Then it went all dicky. Worst of all it would drop dead in mid shave, leaving itself hanging of my face by the hairs on my chin, which is as painful as it sounds, if not more so.

I've been meaning to take it to bits and fix it. So, having chosen my time carefully, at 11:30 pm last night I took the darned thing to bits. And now it is completely broken. So today I have just nipped out and bought another shaver. This one is very posh, and can be washed under the tap (although the instructions suggest that you don't have it plugged into the mains at the time).

It seems to work fine. I now have a face as smooth as a middle aged babie's bottom.