Culinary Matters

A word of warning (in fact several words, but I'm in a generous mood). Don't get cheese flavoured crumpets. I bought a pack by mistake this morning. Not good. Whilst I thought I was a lover of cheese in all its forms, cheese flavoured crumpets are a step too far. The smell they make when you open the pack is just a taster for what is produced when you put them in the toaster and they get warm. I can't see them being a success, unless re-directed into crowd clearance duties. Forget your water canon, just lob a few of these and a toaster into the mob and watch them flee for cover.

Whilst I'm on the subject of food and generousity, I happen to have a large-ish stash of Worcester Sauce Flavoured crisps. These are the ones that get left from the multipack as neither myself or number one daughter can stand them. The economies of scale are such that we can afford to buy and deploy crisps in this manner, but it still irks to have to throw them away. Anybody who wants a Worcester Sauce Flavoured crisp (or even a whole bag full) should get in touch. But do remember, they taste of Worcester Sauce. And I won't pay postage.