Processed Chicken

Had to go to the dentist today. I am one of those lucky few that have a National Health Dentist, which are in this country as rare as hen's teeth. They have a very slick operation. In one door, sign a form, in another, wait ten minutes, in the surgery, say Ahhhhh, then back out, sign another form, make the appointment, and out. Very smooth.

I've been scared of dentists ever since I found out what they do. But today I was cracking jokes and using light hearted banter like "Your're not going to hurt me are you? Are you???" in my usual fashion. I have now reached the time of life where anything health related is probably followed by "..for your age". As in "You've got quite good teeth. For your age". So I have good teeth. For my age. For now.

They were collecting data for their (gulp) computerised surgery system. I hope their process is as smooth next time I go.