Nanny MacPhee - warts and all

Crazy Rob as film reviewer....

Went to see Nanny MacPhee tonight. Not actually my kind of film, but seeing that number one wife has accompanied me to a large number of space opera type stuff over the years (and actually managed to sleep through most of the battle scenes) I thought it only fair.

It is a childrens film. Nothing wrong with that, so is "The Best Film that Rob Has Ever Seen" (tm) - Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit since you asked.

However it has children in it, which can be a problem. Furthermore, whilst number one wife had the charms of Colin Firth to admire, all I had was the warty visage of the Nanny hersef. Except right at the end, where her wart all drop off, she loses ten stone, has her teeth fixed and wanders off into the sunset. (I found this very hard to understand - if by some quirk of fate I ever become good looking the last thing I'm going to do is leave town)

It has to be said that everyone plays their parts with gusto and that there is a lot of visual flair to the scenery and costumes. But it was a bit too worthy for me, and the children changed from evil imps into little angels a little too readily to match with my experience. If you like kids films (or are a kid yourself) you could well love it - after all it has the word "fart" in it a few times - once even said by a baby - but even so I can only give it six or so out of ten.

Oh and I have just had a wonderful idea for a film where a warty old women comes to your house, sorts out your kids and then clears your computer of virus infection. Book now for seats at Nanny McAfee.