Do I?

One thing which is guaranteed to take the spring out of your step is being told you look ill. Someone said it to me this morning, with the best of intentions, and I was forced to admit that I don't at the moment feel that unwell. Admittedly this twiddling round with the hour that we do for British summer time does upset my delicate constitution slightly, and this week has been quite busy (although I can't really remember what I've been doing) but I don't consider myself ill at the moment.

This has been known to happen to me in the past, I feel quite tickety boo, but rest of world seems to consider me not so. Perhaps my binge drinking (apparently if you have more than two pints in a session you are now a binge drinker) yesterday has caught up with me (I had three pints). Whatever.

But then having pondered the matter, I've decided that there is only one thing worse. That is when you feel truly awful and everyone tells you how fit you are looking. I'm pretty sure I'd hate that.