Christmas Shopping

Took a day off work today and went christmas shopping with number one wife. (incidently, a few people have told me that they think refering to my "signficant other" as number one wife is not the done thing. I can't see a problem with it myself. And she calls me "husband zero".)

Anyhoo, we went to Leeds so that I could buy some clothes that fit me. Apparently my wardrobe is in need of replenishment as the corners have worn off some of my shirts. I don't know; you buy these things and then, after only five years or so, they become unfit for public display. Once I was sorted it was off to look at ladies clothes for a while.

Now, some things I can be counted on to have a strong opinion about. Ask me what I feel about C# versus Java and you will be rewarded with a well structured and closely reasoned description of the advantages the former has over the latter. For three hours. Show me two items of womens clothing and ask me which is nicer however and things get more tricky. I have had considerable experience of dealing with the dread question "Which do you prefer?" but only have one peal of wisdom to impart:

If a women asks you "Which do you prefer?" she is not actually asking you which you prefer, instead she is asking you to deduce which one that she prefers and then say that one. Except sometimes, when she hates them both and is only asking you the question for callibration purposes....

But they did have some nice christmas trees in Leeds: