Filthy Car Blues

My shiny new car is filthy. Really filthy. We did some country driving yesterday and now the poor thing is wearing big chunks of the land. Looks like I'm going to have to wash it again. I always wash cars by hand. I've never been keen on automatic car washes since a memorable occasion a while back with a previous car when the carwash removed a radio antenna, scratched all the paint and then hot waxed the windscreen. So I shall be out with the bucket and sponge again soon.

One place nearby has a car wash where you can use a squirty thing to cover your car with foam and then rinse it off. That looks kind of fun, but I'd be worried about the thing cutting out when I was half way through the wash. The only thing worse than a dirty car would we one which is half clean I reckon. It might even affect the handling.