Weak Minded and Strong Meetings

We all went shopping today. I feel bad about the fact that I bought a new toy, but it is very nice and replaces an old one. I'm going to put a review of the new device onto the TinyThings site as a service to gadget lovers everywhere. I'll put a link up there later. I make all these resolutions not to buy anything silly and then I find that they have one in stock and it looks really neat and will change my life and then..... Ho hum. At least I don't drink or smoke.

We had lunch at an "all you can eat" chinese place in the middle of Hull which was really nice. Get a bit of everything, find out what you like and then go back and get a plate full of it. And they had jelly. The only sad thing about the trip was that the middle of Hull was looking super duper and I had forgotten my camera.

Then back to work for a quick meeting. I've long known the secret of meeting success. You must make sure that everything that you talk about doing is written down and assigned to people who are going to do it. Then you can review the progress at the next meeting. Sounds simple but not everyone does it.