Easy Mode

I was playing "Everybody's Golf" on the PSP when it suddenly said (in so many words)

"If you like, I can change to Easy mode. This will not affect your scores, but will make it easier to play"

Basically the game had decided I was not very good at it and offered to make things easier for me. At first I was annoyed but it did make it easier to play the game after that. However, I've since decided that I like the idea. In fact I like it so much that I want one for real life.

Perhaps one morning I could hear a ghostly voice which says "You don't seem to be doing too well. Do you want me to change to easy mode". After I have said yes the phone rings and it is Charlotte Church wanting help wth her new video and a envelope with my premium bonds winnings drops through the letter box onto the mat. I could live with that.