Man of a hundred spoons

As regular readers (do I have any? he wondered) know, every day I have a yoghurt in my office. I used to take spoons from the kitchen, but after a month of this we had no spoons in the kitchen and a pile of them in my office. Not good. So I joined the disposable society and bought a pack of plastic spoons to keep in the office and work my way through. My father in law does bulk buying stuff and offered to get me some more. I was then presented with 100 spoons in quite a large bag.

I've never had so many spoons. They half fill a desk draw. And the funny thing is, I'm afraid to use one. Because then I would only be the man of 99 spoons...

Update: I've just found another cache of spoons in my desk draw. I am now "the man of one hundred and seventeen spoons". May you all tremble before me.