The Interpreter speaks my language

Went to see "The Interpreter" tonight. It is a UN flavoured adventure yarn with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. The plot was twisty and complex, but I was much more absorbed in the hairstyles of the two leads. Nicole (playing an interpreter who has so many language skills that she can completely change her accent in the middle of a conversation) had a wispy fringe type thing at the front which kept covering up one eye. It was so mobile that it even moved by itself during scenes, adopting a different pose from one shot to the next. Sean on the other hand had a hairstyle which seemed to have been carved out of black marble. it never moved. I was expecting him to get blown through a wall at one point, and see a perfect outline of his hair in the remaining bricks.

There were lots of moody shots, some running down corridors, some shouting and a large explosion. There was also a baddy that you would have to have been blind not to spot and everything was resolved comparatively satisfactorily. I reckon it is worth a visit. But try to resist the urge to shout "Just brush that hair away dammit!" at the screen.

Note: The google spell checker wants to replace "hairstyle" with "horsetail". I'm getting more respect for that program every day.