Who Uses The Trouserpress?

Stayed in a hotel last night, in preparation for a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (I am one) Open Day today.

The hotel, like all well appointed ones of its ilk, had a trouser press. Why? I've never, ever used one of these. Nobody I saw around the hotel today looks as if they did either. Perhaps they are a relic of a bygone age, when creases were important. I was going to have a go but I wasn't sure if jeans with a razor sharp crease might have given off the wrong (or perhaps mixed) message.

The Open Day itself was very interesting. I can't say too much, since I signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). All I will say is that if the **** gets on with the **** like it looks at it will do then the **** will well and truly hit the *** big time.

Note: We didn't actually discuss anything secret at all, but I put that in to make me seem even more valuable and important.