Staring at the ceiling

We had our final, final Admissions Open Day today. This was a large one, where all the departments on campus are open and I get a free lunch. Since it was the last talk of the year I thought I'd try to video tape it. I reckoned that if the thing came out OK it would be a nice way of giving people the "Hull Experience" without them having to come here and get it. One reason why I'm was tempted is that videos of my lecture in rhyme have been flying off the web site like nobody's business.

So I got out my little tripod, set the camera on it and left it running. As I gave my talk I noticed that the camera was slowly tipping backwards until, at the end, it was pointing nearly straight up. I watched it through, and it is quite funny to see me gradually slide out of the frame, as if the place is sinking. The last part, where you can stare at a ceiling tile to the accompaniment of a disembodied voice talking about the great employment record of our graduates, is a particular highlight.