Fox's Liquorice & Aniseed

Hmmm. Sounded a reasonable idea in principle. Take two flavours I quite like and then merge them into a single confection. And they were doing two for the price of one at Waitrose (we are not posh - we just went there to buy sweets).

Good thing I didn't actually get two packs. They taste horrible. And it is a sneaky kind of horrible too. The first couple of seconds in your mouth they don't taste too bad, it is as if your taste buds are trying to make sense of the mixed messages they are receiving. However, slightly later they decide that both tastes are horrible. And they are.

If there is anyone with no tastebuds, or who wants to build a little tiny sweetie wall for their Hansel and Gretal scale model, or who needs a torture method that won't leave marks (apart from a black tongue) then they are welcome to get in touch and take the bag off my hands.

Soon, before I get tempted to try another one to prove to myself that they aren't that bad....