Don't believe everything you read on the net

Went down to Reading today to give a talk for Microsoft. Being of sound mind I went onto the Travlodge web site (for it is they that will be providing me with a bed for the night) and got an AA provided route to their location.

Or did I?

Upon arrival I just followed the route as supplied. Which took me to a jet ski lake in the middle of nowhere. Not amusing. It turns out that the AA router just takes the postcode (which must cover an area around the size of Canada) and then finds the place in it which is furthest from the point you want to be.

When I finally arrived at my location, around an hour late and somewhat upset, I asked the receptionist if anyone had ever mentioned that the route to chez Travelodge, as downloaded from their web site was, shall we say, a little cuckoo. She groaned and shook her head. "It is wrong", she admitted, "But there is nothing we can do about it".

Apparently Head Office, which runs the web site and is probably noting a downward trend in arrivals at this particular lodge and may even be preparing a crack team of accountants (can you have such a thing? he wondered) to go in and fire all the staff, has been alerted but has not done anything about the problem. Good for them.

A word of warning to the wise from an idiot. Do not trust the AA directions. (actually, as I remember I've had problems with them before). Use the RAC or (dare I suggest such a thing) a paper map.