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So, after a very early night and some extra strength LemSip (you know you are ill when LemSip tastes nice) it was up bright and early and off to the bus stop. Lucky old us live on the very tail end of the bus route, which means that the journey to London took around six hours. That includes a stop to take on water. And another to get rid of it.

London was busy, bustling and, just after we arrived, very wet. However it settled down to slightly better weather and I toddled off to the first of my two appointments, leaving number one wife in the restful surroundings of Oxford Street. First up was to get my Gizmondo upgraded at the Gizmondo shop. This is a very posh affair on Regent Street full of Good Looking People (tm) who stand around looking cool and sell hi-tech gadgets to nerdish types like me. We will never be as cool as them. But they'll never know how the gadgets really work. So I guess it levels out.

Anyhoo, the man upgraded my Gizmondo with a couple of muffled oaths and an SD card and I bought a couple of games. I would have bought a case too, but they had sold both of the ones they had in stock....

Then on the tube down to the Microsoft House. This is a house full of gadgets and therefore a magnet for people like me who try to achieve cool by buying them (see above). Actually, gadgets are becoming the in thing in a big way. We got on the coach this morning and the first thing I saw was the girl in front of me start replaying video calls from her 3G phone. Then the lady to my right pulled out her digital camera and had a long discussion with her friend about how she was going to transfer the pictures onto her PC. Next a bloke right at the front gets out his portable DVD player and fires up a film. I had to work very hard to resist the temptation to pull out the Gizmondo, my media centre and the SPV phone and shout "Look, I'm the gadget daddy on this bus!". But I didn't. And I bet some of them on the coach blog as well.

Anyhoo, the Microsoft House was very cool. All in the shops too. Just need the money now.....

Then on to Harrods to meet up with number one wife and eat some scones. Splendid. On the way back we found that they had closed a tube line in our honour and so we arrived late for tea. But the nice people at the hotel put a special meal and, with half a bottle of wine in me to keep out the cold, all should be well for the night.