Key Fear

A moment of real terror today in the car park. Key remote failed to make the car doors open. With my car this is a problem. You might be able to use the metal key bit to open the doors but, unless you use the remote "blipper" the engine won't start. Actually that is not true, the engine starts and then stops a few seconds afterwards. Some kind of French torture I reckon. Anyhoo, with out the magic key you are magically stuffed. And it seemed I was without the magic key.

A tip: If you are not sure if an IR device is working, be it TV remote control or dodgy keyfob for old car, use the camera on your mobile phone. These can see IR signals. So I had a quick look and all seemed well.

After a little jiggling it all started to work again. Thank goodness. I think that it is time to buy some new batteries....