Time for Toys

I buy toys. Not season tickets for football teams which probably won't win. Not cigarettes that will probably kill me. Not alcohol which may well do the same. But toys. Got a new one today.

For some time I've been considering getting an external disk drive for my computer. I have no particular need for this I supppose, but I do have this ability to convince myself that I do. And I can kind of make a business case to myself because I do sometimes need to move files around.

So off down to PC World and look at what they had. The had a bunch of cute little disks that nearly hit the spot, and one rather interesting gadget from BNI. The Personal Media Drive is externally just like any other external disk drive. You plug it into your computer and chuck files at it.

But it has a couple of little extras. A socket to plug the telly into and a receiver for the remote control that comes with it. You see this little box of magic can hold videos, pictures and music (after all they are just files of data) but it can also play them. I copied a few files onto the disk and pretty soon we were watching Scrubs. It works wonderfully. If you are looking for a 40GB external drive you would be mildly bonkers not to get one of these. And PC World had it 30 quid off. Talk about fate.