Science club

Science club
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This is a picture I took during my Science Club presentation "Blogs and Spaces" and uploaded to the blog straight from the phone.

Thanks for being a good audience folks. I said during the presentation I'd put some links on my blog to the more interesting sites that I used. So here they are:

If you want to create a blog then you should go to:
Blogger is a good blogging service, but it doesn't let you add pictures or other content to your blog.

If you want to upload, store and display pictures you should create an account at: The free version has a limit on how many pictures you can upload each month, but it does let you upload from your mobile phone - if the phone supports MMS to email. You can also link your flickr account to your blogger blog, so that you can send pictures from flickr into your blog via email.

If you want to work with a bunch of friends on something, and share pictures and messages, then take a look at: This lets you upload pictures (also from your phone). You can customise your space and decide who you will allow to see it.

The spaces also work well with MSN Messenger, but you need to get the latest version 7 for best effect. You can get that at: If you use messenger, you should get this anyway.

If you want to use tags to find your posts and look for other ones you then take a look at:

I hope all these pages are useful. And remember, have fun.