Write them thar words

Writing words today. In between writing programs. In between seeing programs that I have written eat aformentioned words and refuse to spit them out again. Number one son and I are writing some course material. Of course, as true computer professionals, when given a task we spring into action and immediately device and perform a complex set of displacement activities, which are more fun than the actual work but don't necessarily get us anywhere.

In this case we are devising a tool which will make it easier to write the words. The tool will be a wonderous thing, able to track versions, create websites, leap tall buildings etc etc. At the moment it sort of works. That is it makes me think that I've made it work and then swallows all my beautiful text. It how has a large and prominent save button. Which I press around every thirty seconds....

The kind of good news is that it is now useful. Which means that we need to do the actual work I suppose.