In Hot Water

Went up town today. In a record shop which cannot be named (but the girl who it is named after can't get out that much) they have a huge window full of Playstation Portable boxes in a rather attractive arrangement. "That would make a nice picture for both my blog readers" thinks I. So out comes the little camera and I dash off a couple of pictures. Then a man comes up to me and asks if I have permission to take pictures. Of course I haven't, but I say I have anyway, since number one son told me to do it. "Is it written permission?" comes the response. Well, number one son hasn't written anything down, and so probably not. "I only wanted the picture for my blog" I said piteously. Do you know, the fellow didn't know what a blog was. Young people today.

I wonder if I dare go back into that shop ever again?

(and I've just discovered that the Blogger spell checker doesn't know the word "blog". Now that is scary.)