Driving Miss Daisy (and all the other Dukes)

Went to see Dukes (or perhaps Doooks) of Hazard tonight (seem to be watching a lot of movies at the moment - which is nice). On the way to the cinema nature treated us to a very impressive special effects show of thunder, lightning and torrential rain. Once we had got there, waded through the car park and found our seats it turned out that the film was OK. I mean, nobody is going to go to a movie version of a TV series like Dukes of Hazard and expect anything that special, but it did the job.

Things have changed a bit though in Hazard county though. Bo Duke has turned into a raving loon and Luke Duke now looks old enough to be his dad. Daisy is much more agressive than I remember and Sheriff Hogg has slimmed down a lot. But the car remains the same, and the noise it makes when they rev that Dodge Charger is about worth the price of the tickets alone. They must have got through quite a few cars.

If you go and see the film, stick around for the end titles where they show what happened to an awfull lot of vehicles. Take-offs usually went OK. Landings usually made the car shatter into little bits, leap over the intersection or dive into the bushes. Or all three. But a happy ending and a bunch of car chases, how can it go wrong?