The Best Gadget yet?

My chum from Microsoft, Andy, has just pulled off what I thought was impossible and found a way to get me one of the Imate devices. What a dude! The device itself is lovely to behold. I've been too busy doing things like going to sessions and writing blog posts to do much with it yet, but first impressions are very good. The machine is actually the first Microsoft based 3G phone. Of course it works as a 2G phone as well. The big screen is well pretty and the overall finish of the device is lovely. Not particularly shiny as such, but I can live with that. It alslo runs the latest Windows 5 moble operating system (it is the first device ever with that as well) and I'm really looking forward to writing code for it.

I'll have a more detailed review, with pictures, when I can get around to having a proper play. I popped the SIM from my UK Orange phone into the device and it found a mobile network, but I'm too mean to make any calls. The only slight problem is that I managed to use my well developed stupidity skills to stop Outlook from synching with my new toy. This means that I can't make it my main mobile phone just yet, as I can't get my address book into it.