Worcester Source

The morning was a bit misty, but there was promise of good things to come.


Misty Morning

Then we went off down to Worcester to do some exploring. We went to the Commandery, a very significant place if you are into the Civil War (this sounds like the soldiers were actually polite to each other � but this is not the case). The Commandery was where King Charles II hung out just before the final battle of the war, when his forces were crushed by Cromwell and his New Model Army.

After lunch we went on to the Pottery Museum. Worcester has been involved in the pottery trade for hundreds of years, with skilled craftsmen turning out high quality porcelain for kings and queens amongst other people. No more. There are a handful of artists producing beautiful, but very exclusive, painted things, but hardly anything else is going on.. Last time we came, a few years ago, there were people glazing, firing, finishing and whatever. Next time we come I expect to find a block of luxury flats and a �pottery experience� where we can marvel at the things that they used to make when we were still in the business of manufacturing things. I couldn�t help but wonder what happened to all the people who worked there.

The good news is that we did get a nice sunset.

sunset 024