In the Money

I'm getting a new car. The neighbourhood where I live is changing to the point where if you don't have a slver car they might not let you in. I seem to have the only non-silver vehicle in the place. My car is red. I originally chose that colour because of course red cars go faster and also I heard somewhere that they also last longer because of all the lead in the paint which gives them that nice crimson hue.

I've since found out that this was true in 1950, but since a number of people got lead poisoning from sucking red cars they have now changed the formula.

Anyhoo, in order to get me past the local border controls my new car is silver. I've applied for loan on the internet to pay for the new motor (what do you mean "Don't you have savings?"). That was a very interesting, and scary, experience. Just fill in a few forms and press submit and thousands of pounds can be winging their way towards your account. Or not if you fail the credit checks. At the moment all is well, and if the nice people at Cahoot like the cut of my jib (or reason that they can always take my house off me if it all goes horribly wrong) then it should be all sytems go in a week or so.