Trip Hazard is coming....

I'm busy writing the fifth installment of "Trip Hazard - Los Angeles Private Eye who will also work for publicly quoted companies". I've not written the first four yet, maybe I never will.

I'll let you know when it's ready. It might even come out in podcast form if I can come up with a convincing american accent. Just as a taster, here is the cast:

Trip Hazard: an LA PI who nearly always does the right thing. In his own way. Cast aside by the LAPD for a crime he probably didn�t commit he now wages war on the side of the angels in the city of the angels, helped by his treasured �74 open top Mustang and numerous friends and acquaintances. First seen in the pilot programme: �This Shield May Not Be for Hire�

Mycroft Strange: sometime sidekick to Trip who finds his classically trained, British Empire background a help and hindrance in equal parts. A mystic codebreaker who also worked for MI5 he joined forces with Trip in episode two; �Eat Lead for Breakfast�

Koyoto: Enigmatic Japanese beauty with brains to match. Teamed up with Trip in episode three; �Ninja Motorbike Assassins from Tokyo� when he saved her from a life of high octane crime.

Beverley Vermont: Wisconsin Cheese heiress who, due to her inadvertent involvement in a Mafia yoghurt scam, ended Trip�s police career. Returns to become his full time lover in episode four; �Milk isn�t the only thing that curdles�.

Archibald Nemisis : a childhood friend of Trip who has since gone over to the wrong side of the tracks and lives in a disused station there. Now a boss of a huge underworld syndicate which also operates above ground. Really the cause of Trip�s downfall, and nurses a non-secret passion for Beverley. Although he wouldn�t kick Koyoto out of bed either. Introduced in episode one.