Grand Theft Not Yet

Today I went up town with a spring in my step and thirty five quid in my pocket (this equates to nearly two week's pocket money - since I got the car I'm on iron rations gadget wise, so that Mr. Cahoot doesn't fail to get his funds).

I intended to buy Grand Theft Auto for my Playstation Portable. Now I know that the game is vulgar, violent and generally horrible in most respects. But I do rather enjoy playing it. I had heard that it was due for launch on the 28th of October and I was looking forward to getting my hands on a copy and tearing up Liberty City all over again.

Of course I had forgotten that there are lies, big lies, complete whoppers and video game release dates. The game has been put back to next week. So I returned home with less of a spring in my step, and no video game.

At least it means that when I get it I will have saved up for it.....