Degrees of Bad Photography

I was Graduand Marshal today at our degree ceremony. Tricky little job, with lots of graduands to tell what to do and get into the right place. But in the end it all went very well. I took the tiny camera, which takes wonderful pictures.

But only it you point it in the right direction and press the button at the right time. Two things I singularly failed to do today. The first Honorary Graduate, the actor John Hurt, took his position behind the lecturn barely six feet from me to give his acceptance speech. I took six lovely photographs. Of the lecturn. The second, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, was nicely in view but I did not manage to capture her smile (which is very stupid of me because she did smile a lot). I've put the picture in though, I hope that she is not too upset with the result:

Degree Ceremony

Sorry about that, I think I'll stick to landscapes and hotel bathroom switches...